The inside story of our creation


Traditional Boutique

This boutique is a fusion of ancient indian traditional elements with a touch of modern essence. A balanced blend of royal gold with minimal white interiors enhances this ethnic boutique.


Robotics lab

A robotics lab designed for all the curious children meddling with gadgets and hi-tech toys. Visual connectivity through strong crisp bold blue lines and the exposed nature of raw services derived from artificial intelligence robots physical nature plays the key designing concept in this space.


Residence restoration

This gorgeous property has lots of open spaces, and gave us a chance to add many stunning touches. A nearby building inspired the palette, while the grid-like patterns of furniture placement, fabrics and wallcoverings reflect the window wall and streetscape below.


Modern Boutique

A graceful modern space with soft and flowy environment where all guests feel warm and invited, derived from the client’s personality and her love for pastels. Proportionate mix of lines and curves is layered into this space’s interior and furnishings.Precisely achieving balance and beauty, through stunning artistic touches in harmony with her couture.


Modular Office

This space was created with the idea of natural and fresh decor that is not only ready to impress but also encourage improved life quality of the staff working on screens day and night. The web developers computing in this space sought to retain their concentration but soften its formality. Portable furniture, air purifying natural plants, innovative use of space planing and material palate meets the challenge of this work space.


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